DRAGAMIS is an interactive storytelling game, in which the user experiences a unique story based on his/her interactions with the story world. The scenario involves two main characters, two children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, that meet each other under strange circumstances and embark together on an adventure. 

By engaging the user into the DRAGAMIS world, we aim at:

training children and adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus towards self-management of their disease,

raising public awareness regarding Diabetes Mellitus, and

promoting healthy lifestyle focusing on diet and physical activity.

Contributors to DRAGAMIS

Project Managers: Konstantia Zarkogianni, Konstantina Nikita
Game Designers: Kostas Mitsis, Maria Athanasiou, Konstantia Zarkogianni
Art Director: Kostas Mitsis
Scenario writers: Kostas Mitsis, Giannis Partheniou
Programmers: Maria Athanasiou, Eirini Angeloudi, Dionisis Tsekouras, Katerina Giannoukou, Kostas Mitsis
Artists: Nikos Skalizos, Koralia Andrianakou
Music Composer/Sound Designer: Nikolaos Platon